7th CD - Brooklyn/Queens

A father, grandfather, and lifelong resident of New York City, Juan is fighting to Save New York by running for Congressional District 7 in Brooklyn and Queens! View his plans to tackle the Nation's issues of today and see why he's the best choice to be your next Congressman!

"Born, raised, and still living in New York City, I know the hardships New Yorkers are going through. Crime, inflation, and the cost of living on the rise again; public education failing our children… enough is enough! I am running in District 7 to restore hope and to Save New York! A vote for me is a step toward creating thriving communities that are conducive to life and to restore New York to what it should be. Let’s bring back New York together!"

Candidate Forum - Zeldin Dream Team

https://share.icloud.com/photos/0a8LvL8f_MEhkCUmtHrGy04bw#Brooklyn_-_Bay_Ridge https://share.icloud.com/photos/0b7RTUqYrHWnNPvKwmxswyJSw#Brooklyn_-_Bay_Ridge

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