Imagine investing in a new industry called “petroleum” in 1880. John D. Rockefeller did. By 1920 he was a multi-billionaire. Clean energy now offers such opportunities. If New York invests wisely, imagine the wealth and thousands of jobs we can create. My plan foresees cooperation with industry giants like Exxon and Tesla over the next 30 years. The industries of geothermal, tidal, solar and fusion energy are the Microsofts, Googles and Amazons of the future. Do it… before China does.

Let Chevron and Ford, GM and Apple lead the way in ending world dependence on dirty oil from hostile nations like Russia or Iran. I want our city and state to lead the way. I want thousands of jobs to be created in New York as we build internationally admired products providing clean energy. 

America must do it. Not China. Us. In past times America was at the cutting edge of emerging technologies. Make it happen again! Let’s keep the technology “American” and keep the jobs here. Unleash the genius of American industry with government encouragement. Do it patiently. Let New York City be the headquarters of the enormous clean energy industries of the future.

Destroying Our Future. Better put, our own government is destroying our future prospects. Read the following excerpt from the New York Times:

“Since then the U.S. share of solar component shipments worldwide fell to less than 1 percent in 2021 from 13 percent in 2004. China’s share of the production of solar components has increased over the past two decades from virtually nothing to nearly 85 percent today. For some solar components, that could rise to 95 percent in the coming years, according to a report this week from the International Energy Agency.”

The solution is self-evident: Congress passing legislation to promote domestic clean energy industries. Not angry politicians screaming about stolen elections or left-wing matters instead of managing our economy correctly. I will be different. My congressional opponent is devoid of ideas and will take no action. Some 30 years in office, what has she accomplished? For starters, decimated domestic clean energy industries. You want more of her?

Plastics Ocean Pollution. One pathetically overlooked problem with our environment involves plastics. Recent reports indicate that about 8% of plastics thrown out get recycled. Shocking. These plastics end up in the oceans, breaking down into tiny particles poisoning the ecosystem. Plankton, then fish, eat these tiny plastics particles. It’s in our seafood. Every time you swallow that cod or tunafish sandwich, you may be swallowing a bunch of microscopic plastic. Hmm… It’s hard to believe that government is not taking serious action. As your next congressman, plastics pollution will be a high priority for me. I will sponsor legislation that takes real action -starting with thorough nationwide plastics recycling with no loopholes. One wonders why my Democratic opponent claiming concern for the environment has not taken firm action. So much for lip service. If you want cleaner oceans - and safe seafoods - I’m your guy.

This is my quest once elected as your congressman. Together let’s make this happen!