We cannot live as if Covid is the same killer it was two years ago. It’s not.

The CDC estimated there were 52,000 influenza deaths in the 2017-18 flu season. Using that as a reference for “normal”, it averages 142 deaths/day. By comparison, the recent range is 260 to 350 (mostly unvaccinated people!). Even in normal times we witness nearly 150 deaths/day. We are getting closer to “normal”. (We averaged over 2000/day in January.) Dr. Fauci stated on The PBS NewsHour that we are “out of the pandemic phase.“ We need to move to normalcy for we risk permanent overreaction. Plummeting Covid deaths among the vaccinated reinforces this. Covid has mutated many times. We cannot live as if it were the same killer it was two years ago. Beware our becoming a “hypochondriac society.”

Virus-Killing Technology. Promote virus-killing UVC ventilation everywhere - subways, buses, stores, elevators, auditoriums, etc.

FearPerhaps it’s time to call cases “flu” rather than Covid. Covid is a common family of virus species - not a death sentence!  Even in the worst of times nearly 98% of people who caught it recovered. Stop overreacting. We are harmed by the obsessive Covid news coverage for over two years, yet 98-99% of people who catch Covid (or a variant) recover. The remaining 1-2% are mostly unvaccinated, old or had underlying health problems. We overreact. 

2nd Booster  I fear overly zealous officials and employers will force people against their will to get a second booster to keep their jobs. It unfairly threatens careers. As long as deaths among the vaccinated remain low, let people who got vaccines choose whether to get a second booster.

Mutations. Covid mutated many times and mutations are behaving like a normal flu. Vaccinated people seem normal. Government officials must calm the fear.

Ruined Careers. Ruining careers is wrong - career-ruining mandates further divide our nation.

Antibodies. People with natural covid immunity through antibodies deserve to be considered the equivalent of vaccinated. Who arbitrarily decided that natural immunity does that count?

Small Businesses. Small business owners were ruined by no fault of their own. We need to help small business owners recover, and those bankrupted must be given no interest government loans so that they can attempt to restore their lost businesses.