Under the administration of Democrats, inflation has gotten out of control. Our economy is trending on a downward spiral and we need to take back control. We must ensure Americans are able to live without fear of going into debt or surviving paycheck to paycheck. Here is my plan:

1. Reduce Inflation

2. Promote Economic Growth

3. Slash Outsourcing

Reducing Inflation

The yearly inflation rate has risen to over 8.5% in 2022 alone. From month to month, this metric keeps going up, putting Americans in situations where they can't afford basic groceries and gas. We need to:

1. Ease spending and and the money supply to reduce inflationary pressures

2. Get the supply chain back up and running to ensure the flow of goods remains stable

3. Reopen the Keystone Pipeline to regain Energy Independence to reduce gas prices

Promote Economic Growth

We should be relying on our American industry for our own goods, not foreign countries, and especially not our enemies. If we're to stay on top in economic power, we need to promote growth by:

1. Support small businesses with rent, low interest loans, especially after pandemic recovery

2. Rely on American manufacturing to support our industries and imposing tariffs on China

3. Promote New York tourism by creating safer streets and stronger communities

Slash Outsourcing

Foreign labor, $1 trillion trade deficit, millions of lost jobs, declining standard of living. Inflation. All notorious problems, all interrelated, all solvable. Here is a plan to end the stubborn problem:

1. Promote ethical trading through fair trade deals, proper punishments, and good foreign labor practices

2. Promote immigration reform through work visas, enforcing labor laws, and fair wages

3. Ensuring environmental protections through trade agreements