As your congressman I will work to bring federal funds to improve subways, buses, water/sewage pipes, bridges, and tunnels connecting us to New Jersey - all in troubling disrepair.

Bursting Pipes & Sinkholes. Aging infrastructure under streets need modernization. It is senselessly costly to wait for pipes to burst and put lives in danger.

Schools. Many schools are aging - mold, poor heating and hot water. They desperately need federal funding. 

Clean Energy. I propose installation of solar energy and battery equipment on rooftops. Let’s convert buses and city vehicles to electricity.

Tunnels. Tunnels serve trains and cars under the Hudson River. They are long overdue for repair. I totally support completion of the project. Same holds true for all tunnels connecting subways to the boroughs.

SubwaysOur subways are an embarrassment compared to trains running throughout European cities. We need to expedite modernization and regular cleanings in every station.

NYCHA. Our public housing is a disgrace. People live without hot water and heat. They endure mold. What a lousy way to treat children. The federal government must provide funds to repair these buildings and ensure that people never again live without hot water and heat. Progressive and Democrat incumbents, with so many empty promises, really stunk up the system. I intend to take action - and quickly.

Bridges. What would river-edged Manhattan and the city be without its bridges? Drive across them and you see rust everywhere. We had better take action before this problem becomes a catastrophe.