People may pay $10,000-plus for insurance with high deductibles. I will work as your congressman to end this shameful gap in our healthcare system. I will go out of my way to reach across the aisle to create legislation that remedies problems. It is an embarrassment how both political parties squabble about something so obvious as providing affordable healthcare for everyone. I will be the first to shake the hand of my colleagues across the aisle, for it is for the best of all Americans.

Mental Illness Mental illness is one of the most overlooked problems of our healthcare system. I think it’s time for us to place emphasis on this. Case in point, read the following excerpt from a New York Times article about the murderer in the Buffalo rampage, when he killed 10 innocent people. 

Mr. Gendron’s newly discovered online posts also cast doubt on the thoroughness of his mental health evaluation. ‘I had to spend 20 hours in that ER waiting for somebody to give me 15 minutes to talk to me,’ he wrote. ‘This proved to me that the US healthcare system is a joke.’”

Why didn’t the “experts” pay attention and get him treatment? His death spree could’ve been prevented had professionals not been apathetic. It is a scary condemnation of our healthcare system. This deeply sick man made statements online about his plans and was able to buy guns. His high school record indicated he was pulled aside for dangerous and violent comments. They let it slip by.