Juan Pagán is a life-long citizen and representative of the Lower East Side. A father and grandfather, Juan lives at Jacob Riis Houses with his daughter and granddaughter. 

Juan is a cancer survivor. Despite three bouts with cancer, major surgery and years of treatment fighting off disease and depression, he found renewed vigor for life when he was declared in remission again in 2021. He is a published author in the Write Treatment Writing Workshops for Cancer Survivors at Mt. Sinai Hospital. His stories are published in “The Write Treatment Anthology.”

A second generation immigrant, Juan's parents migrated from Puerto Rico. A proud New Yorkriquan, Juan was the firstborn of twins to his parents at Bellevue Hospital. For the first seven years, Juan and his family lived in a tenement on the Lower East Side before moving a few blocks north to the East Village where he still lives in the enclave known as ‘Loisaida’. 

Juan has police experience as a Correction Officer with the NYS Department of Correctional Services, and educational experience as a youth counselor with the NYS Division for Youth, a State governed institution of detention facilities for youthful felony offenders. 

Juan also has financial experience, owning a small business, having worked at the Federal Reserve selling certificates and bonds, interpreting regulations to the public; and as Administrative Assistant for the Associate Provost at Baruch College. 

Juan has political experience serving as Manhattan Representative with the NYC Department of Education’s Citywide Council on High Schools, a position he was elected to by parents whose children attended public high schools. He also served as president of the Legacy High School Parents Association where his daughter, Hannah, was a student. He fought alongside parents, students, and teachers against the deterioration and closing of Legacy High School, and other public schools threatened with closings.

Juan also has musical experience as an accomplished guitarist. A modest man, people admire his wonderful music. He shares his artistry as a teacher and volunteered as a music instructor at an NYS prison facility. Through his efforts, he secured funds from Albany to purchase musical instruments and hire a music teacher at the prison.

Today, Juan is retired and continues to campaign tirelessly to help Save New York by running for political office. Juan is committed to serving the communities of Brooklyn and Queens through his run for office, and hoping to help Save America when he is elected to Congress.